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August 10th, 2007 by Jodi

Hey everyone,

I received an advance copy of a review from Coffee Time Romance that was excellent! When it’s up on their site I’ll link to it.

Meanwhile, in case you’d missed it (haha), or in case your wallet was feeling strained the day it was released, my new m/m novel Founder is now available from Torquere Press! It appears to be doing well, it’s getting great reviews on the Torquere Press site, and it’s Torquere’s fourth bestselling novel at Fictionwise!

You can purchase it here.

There’s also a really awesome review from Kiernan Kelly:

Love doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it comes only after a long, hard road, bumpy and full of hairpin twists, mostly uphill.

Jodi Payne, in FOUNDER, brings us such a love story. Thick with emotion, Payne examines the road a man might take clawing his way from desolation to redemption, from loneliness to love. Aubrey Jacek is a character you’ll not soon forget; the sort of man who fights himself, his feelings and his flaws, eventually finding the courage that all of us hope we have within ourselves.

Filled with beautifully developed characters and a richly drawn backdrop, FOUNDER is a rare work that isn’t afraid to examine man’s darker nature, his dubious decisions and weaknesses, his bravery and self-control, and to rejoice in his ultimate triumph over himself as he makes his way along the long, hard road to love.

Incidentally, if you’re someone that buys books at Fictionwise or from other distributors, it’s worth noting that you can (and should!) buy the books directly from the publisher instead of through them. Everyone benefits when you do; you get personal service from the publisher itself, and the publisher you’re buying from gets the money you’ve spent directly instead of giving up a percentage of the cover price to the distributor. In turn, the more money the publisher brings in, the more the author benefits from their work. Apart from buying the books themselves, it’s the best way you can support small publishing and non-mainstream authors. Thanks!

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