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January 23rd, 2008 by Jodi

Having just finished the first draft of a novel, I now have several new projects on my desktop this week.  I can’t decide which one I ought to be writing next as they are clamoring for attention, but I’m fairly sure my next project will be m/m, as only one of the stories currently in the running is f/f, and that’s another novel.  I’m really more in the mood for something shorter right now.

So, with that in mind,  here is a short snip from an m/m piece I am considering picking up in the near future. I’ve got a tentative title for this one of On the Rocks.

Jeremy smelled of sweat tinged with a hint of what was probably a single malt scotch. He wasn’t a big drinker, but when he did indulge, he went for the good stuff. Jeremy felt warm and strong and his arms were sure and steady around Nat’s body. His shoulder-length hair was pulled back in a braid and the strands that didn’t stay there were tucked behind his ears or falling in his face, sweeping along his cheek as they moved together. Nat loved his hair.

Nat had been lost in the sensations of Jeremy when his revelry was pointedly interrupted by the pressure of Jeremy’s fingers. They pushed against Nat’s button fly and rubbed at an erection Nat hadn’t realized he had yet. Nat moaned and leaned his hips into the warmth of Jeremy’s hand, never resisting for a moment. He tilted his face up, eyes closed, for a kiss that never came.

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  1. Gina Marina

    pick it up! What happens next?

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