Romantic Times Redux

April 21st, 2008 by Jodi

Wow, what a wonderful weekend.  I don’t even know where to begin.

Wednesday, we went two a bunch of e-book panels, two of which had Shawn Clements as one of the panelists.  It was good information about the e-book industry, what and how to submit, contract information, and that sort of thing.  The signing on Wednesday was successful; we talked to aspiring authors and booksellers, and of course we spoke with lots of  readers.  Chris and I sold out of our copies of Deviations: Submission and Deviations: Domination in the first hour and had to give people the website address so they could buy copies later.  If anyone missed it, it’s, and I have some signed bookplates that I can send out if you tell me you bought the book after the book fair.

Thursday and Friday were more panels, a lot of schmoozing and talking with readers and Chris and I attempted to actually get some work done.  Thursday night we had a good time at the Fairy Ball.

Saturday was crazy, man.  The book signing was three hours of chaos and fun, with readers from everywhere coming by to say hello.  Some already knew us and some didn’t, but everyone was friendly and the day was a big success.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived there.  I’d heard about issues and prejudice and other problems, and I was concerned.  But honestly, I felt well received, I was treated with respect like any other author there, and I had a wonderful weekend.  The press was very well received both by readers and authors, and we all talked to lots of people who wanted to know more, wanted to know how to submit, or just wanted to know who we were.  I think it was important that we were all there, that we did (and continue to do) our part to raise awareness and promote acceptance in the romance community, and that we were able to meet and say thank you to the readers that support us.  It can only get even better from here.

Thank you to everyone we met and to everyone that bought our books, and thank you to Torquere Press for having me along!

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