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Note: Each of these stories contains explicit sexual content.

Free Gay Fiction

Study Break

Chris Owen and I wrote this short flashback piece from the Rough Draft universe, set when the main characters, Paul and Gray, were in grad school together. It ran for a month on Torquere Press' website as a special bonus feature for Turn of the Screw subscribers only, but now that the feature month is over, anyone can read it!
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Seven-Two. Unsuited.

Originally, I wrote this short piece for Torquere Press' fourth birthday celebration in September of 2007. It ran for a month on Torquere Press' website, where visitors to the site could read it for free. And it's still free now! I like these men; don't be surprised if you don't see more of them in the future.
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Boardwalk Baby

This is a scene from a work-in-progress that I have tentatively titled, "Gravity". Eventually, I hope Sean's story will be a novel but the novel version isn't in first person.
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Deviations Series Extras

Chris and I are excited to offer you some special extras from the Deviations Series.

Contract of Submission
The original Contract of Submission between Tobias and Noah. Chris and I originally created this contract (in a rougher form) for our own reference, since at the beginning of their relationship we felt it was likely Tobias and Noah would refer to the terms of their contract often. (Please right-click on the image and save the PDF file to your hard drive, rather than viewing it online. Thanks!)

And! We're also happy to offer you some of Noah's private journal entries.

Free Lesbian Fiction


I wrote this, originally, as an entertaining birthday present for a close friend. It's been fleshed out a bit since then, but only a little; it's still the smutty little piece it set out to be.
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Oh, Baby.

This piece is set in the universe of my single shot, For Better or Worse, staring Gail, a bartender and our narrator, and Julie, a school teacher and Gail's long-term partner and lover.
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on a sunday

This poem was a completely random occurence for me. I am not a poet, would never claim I wrote good poetry, or even that this is any good. But it has significance to me, and a strange creative story behind it.

I had a short story in mind, about a woman whose lover shows up and seduces her on a Sunday morning. I was going to submit it to a call for very short, smutty lesbian fiction. I woke up at three in morning one random day with the poem stuck in my head. I wrote it out while still half-asleep and went back to bed. In the morning, I knew I couldn't actually write the story anymore. I'd conveyed the whole thing in this poem and there was nothing left to write about.
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